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Family Session at Cross Estate Gardens

I just loved photographing this sweet family. The sun was setting on a beautiful evening, although it was a cold one! Once the twins figured out they could just snuggle into their parents and interact, they were all giggles and smiles. This family's love for one another was just so wonderful to witness. In all my photography sessions it's my goal to bring a laid-back experience for the parents and kids. Sure, we get what I call the "photographs for Grandma", but we also just have fun, playing games, sneaking up on mom with hugs and running under blankets. I want to document all those in-between moments when you forget I'm there and feel free to just connect with other another.




I invite you to click through my journal. In it are glimpses of my photography sessions, inspirational ideas for parents and more!

I'd love to hear from you, so we can begin creating a photographic story that will last a lifetime.




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