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NIGHTTIME NOEL With this set I recommend rich reds, greens and neutrals (creams & tans).

Boys: Cords in neutrals, plaid shirts and solid sweaters are all great options. Layering always adds visual interest.

Girls: If she's into dresses, they're always great because they act as a sort of "prop" to twirl and have fun in.  Don't forget the accessories-cute hats, bows, pretty necklaces & scarves can really pull an outfit together.

Let's not forget shoes! You can go as fancy as you like, from patent leathers to cozy Uggs. For boys I suggest a neutral colored shoe like a loafer, clean sneaker without distracting patterns/colors or boots.  We can even go barefoot if you like!

From spurge worthy to affordable quality, click below for some of my faves and inspiration!



JINGLE JAMMIES Bring on all those adorable pajamas (and nightgowns!!) I do recommend a dark colored biker short underneath if you go the nightgown route. If you have siblings, they can be "twins" with matching outfits or they can have complementary pj's! There are so many options! Please note: no shoes will be allowed on the bed. So if you think your child will be more comfortable with socks on, I recommend a neutral or dark complimentary color (not white unless they're brand new!;)



There are so many options, click below for some super cute options!

Amazon Pajamas

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