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Styling & Wardrobe 
Autumn Photo Sessions

I've created many "what to wear" guides over the years. I've come to realize the best guides are those that are simple & easy to follow. It is my hope that the below information will provide you with guidance as you clothes shop for your upcoming Autumn Session. But if you're still confused or overwhelmed, I'm always here to help!! As my 3rd grade teacher would always say "there is no question too small!"


Step 1

CHOOSE YOUR OUTFIT FIRST! Mom, you come first for this! I highly recommend "fitted at the waist" maxi dresses and flowy skirts for women. Why? Because they create wonderful movement and interest in your photographs. You can find maxi dresses that flatter any size and shape. Just google your body type and "fitted at the waist maxi dresses". If you really feel uncomfortable with this kind of look, no worries. But just remember layering & texture is your friend!

Step 2

CHOOSE YOUR COLORS. Once mom's outfit is selected, decide on one or two "pops of color". Pops of colors can include, mustard, burgundy, rust red, rose, get the idea! Make sure it is worn by at least two family members in some form. Then you can complement those two colors with neutrals. Neutrals are creams, ivories, tans, browns & blues (yes, they are considered a neutral as well!) I have created by favorite color palettes below to help inspire you. Choose what speaks to you or mix & match-have fun with it!

Step 3

ITS TIME TO SHOP. Below is a list of my most favorite shops.  I think you'll find there's a little something for everyone! 

Some of my favorite tried and true options that are affordable include:

Old Navy, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Zara and Target.

If you're looking for something special, I highly recommend giving these shops a look. They have truly unique pieces that photograph beautifully!  And they can be quite reasonable (many have coupon codes and great selections in the sale section too)!
Woodmouse + Thistle

Wild Little Fawns

Bailey's Blossoms

Janie And Jack 

Rylee + Cru 


Top Tip Checklist!
There are certain wardrobe choices that I have found through my years of photographing families that can take your photos from blah to beautiful! Read through this handy checklist to make sure you have most covered.


☐ Is there a pop of color on at least two members of your family?
Neutrals are great, but I have found the best photos include the bolder hues on at least 2 of the family members. Think mustard yellow, burnt red & burgundy. 

Are there combinations of textures?
Cable knit, suede, velvet, wool (not to be confused with patterns-keep those to a minimum!)-the more layers & textures the better!

Have I avoided solid white and solid black tops?

I won't get in to too much technical detail. But solid pure white (not cream or ivory) tend to pick up the color of the environment (green leaves, blue sky) and can cast "not so nice" colors on the skin. Black tops tend to wash skin tones out. 


Did I accessorize?

Nothing rounds out an outfit like statement jewelry, a wonderfully textured scarf, even a beautiful hat. For girls, an understated headband or bow can really pull the look together!







Final notes....

I don't want you to be overwhelmed! I want this to be a fun and exciting process. If you'd love to see my style boards, head on over to my Pinterest page! It's fun, helpful and inspirational! And feel free to send me photos of ideas when deciding on online or even shopping in the store! 

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