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So, I know some live and breathe fashion and others really could care less with what's "on trend". And I totally get both! But what you wear to your session can make a big difference in the outcome of your photos. Now, I'm not talking expensive clothes necessarily or items that you're not comfortable in. What I am saying is, coordinating colors and adding movement and texture to your images can make a world of difference in your photos!

Pro Tip:
There's no such thing as being too dressy for your photo shoot!


Below I have listed all my insider info I've compiled over the years that'll make your wardrobe the very best it can be for your photo session date! 



Please do:

❈ Say yes to classic & timeless pieces

❈ Always incorporate a pop of color, reds and burgundy's are always a good bet for winter!

❈ Wear texture & layers-the more, the better. Think wool, velvet, angora, fur, suede & scarves, get the picture!

Please don't:

❈ Wear really thin stripes on shirts or dresses-makes my camera not very happy;)-

❈ Wear solid black or very dark blue tops-while they may look chic in person, they tend to wash out all skin tones

❈ Dress too "matchy, matchy"

❈ Have words/large logos on shirts (ex: "POLO" across a shirt)

❈ Wear character sneakers

❈ Stress about your session day! It's my job to make everyone look their best!


01 Gals

Always start with mom first! And you must wear a long dress! Just kidding (kinda) ! I DO get overly excited when my mom's come to a session wearing a dress. Why? Because a long dress, one that's fitted at the waist, can be one of the most flattering items to wear for a shoot. It also creates wonderful movement in your photos. And yes, any body type can find one that makes you look fabulous. Still not sure? Google your body type and "fitted at the waist maxi dress" and you'll see what I mean! If you're like, "Justine, I have to take a hard pass on the dress thing", that's O.K.!


I want you to feel comfortable during your shoot and there are other options to choose from....a flowy skirt with more fitted top. Or if you feel most confident in jeans, that's fine too. Just make sure to pair those jeans with a great boot and maybe some fabulous accessories. And layering is great, think cami under a long textured cardigan.


02 Kiddos

Kids need to feel comfortable or they just won't be happy campers during the shoot. But that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style. Once you've selected your outfit, pull colors from it and choose complimentary colors for the kid's wardrobe.  For boys, it's great if their top or pants compliment mom's colors as well. Khakis or jeans always work well. For babies & crawlers, I recommend items that don't shift up when they're sitting. So, a sweater is a better option than a collared shirt that can hide the chin or neck. ​


A note on shoes, especially for boys. I always like to say if there are options other than sneakers, especially character sneakers, that's REALLY preferred. I realize this doesn't always work out. Just know, that footwear is seen in the photographs and nice shoes can really finish the look.

02 Guys

And we can't forget Dad! I love a dark khaki pant for men, paired with a chambray button down or cotton henley. Wool sweaters with dark jeans can be another great option as well. 


03 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

So I'm not just talking jewelry here-although that is one of the best ways to add interest to an outfit. Have fun! Scarves, faux fur, cute jackets...even knit hats-these simple items can really make your photos. For girls, hair bows (but not too large), headbands & fur vests are great options. Accessories are almost like a prop, they can be so fun to pose with and they add dimension to your photos!

If you don't read anything else but this, I will consider this guide a success;)



Below is a list of my most favorite shops.  I think you'll find there's a little something for everyone! 

❈Some of my favorite tried and true options that are affordable include:

Old Navy, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Zara and Target.

❈If you're looking for something special, I highly recommend giving these shops a look. They have truly unique pieces that photograph beautifully!  And they can be quite reasonable (many have coupon codes and great selections in the sale section too)!
Woodmouse + Thistle

Wild Little Fawns

Bailey's Blossoms

Janie And Jack 

Rylee + Cru 

I don't want you to be overwhelmed! I want this to be a fun and exciting process. If you'd love to see my style boards, head on over to my Pinterest page! It's fun, helpful and inspirational!  


Please reach out to me with questions or if you need advice or wardrobe suggestions. Go ahead and text me photos from the store or lay out the options on your bed and send me a photo! I'm here to help you! Let's make some gorgeous memories-k?!